Suited Handyman

Duration: 26:34 Views: 8.6K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2020
Description: (Models Denis Vega, Salvador Mendoza). Salvador Mendoza hires a handyman Denis Vega to fix the HVAC system in his apartment. While working, Denis notices a closet full of elegant business suits and shirts. The blue-collar worker is curious… what does it feel like to be suited? Powerful? Arrogant? Sophisticated? Having never worn a suit, he resolves to try one on. Checking in on Denis, Salvador catches him red-handed but he likes what he sees! Salvador helps the day laborer get fully suited and when he gets to put on the shoes, he can’t control himself any longer. Already on his knees, Salvador takes Denis’ cock hungrily and then rips the suit pants to reveal a hairy ass ready to be fucked.