Muscle Massage (Jacob Dolce, Vitali Kutcher)

Duration: 23:30 Views: 2.7K Submitted: 3 months ago Year: 2019
Description: Straight boy Vitali Kutcher is on hand to help out his friend Jacob Dolce when the gorgeous young man returns from his run with a bit of a strain. It's not surprising, though, just look at how delicious Jacob looks in his tight little blue shorts! As the young man's hands start to work those aching muscles t-shirts come off and the feel of bare skin under exploring hands starts to lead them further into pleasure, soon it's not about a convenient massage and entirely about BoyFun. As Vitali gropes the growing shape of Jacob's cock between his legs he signals that it's time to take things further, releasing the long cock and stroking his friend, laying down to suck the head and slurp the swollen glans. For a straight boy Vitali sure knows a thing or two about sucking a cock, but he's always been a little more daring than others. With his own stunning length of hard boy meat revealed from his pants Vitali offers it to his pal, an invitation fit young Jacob can't refuse. He licks and suckles on the damp head, sliding his lips along the warm shaft and tasting the precum leaking from his member. Laying on the couch side by side, spooning close, Vitali eases the wet end of his cock between those plump cheeks, seeking out Jacob's tight pucker and prodding through, slowly filling his friend with his turgid inches. The eager thrusting from behind only brings the boys closer to their final goal of shared climax, but it's the riding the handsome young Jacob delivers that truly has him ready to spew his pent-up cream. His balls bounce and swing while he slides up and down on the bareback tool of his lucky friend, his cock pumping in his fist as semen spews from his tip to dribble and drip to the couch below. With a few more thrusts of his glorious cock Vitali approaches release, with Jabob's cute face right there and lips and tongue working those balls, a final taste of his friends spent dick bringing their unexpected encounter to an appropriate close.