Focus On Me, Son

Duration: 27:39 Views: 1.1K Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2021
Description: (Models Dan Digiron, Max Gen). Hunky jock dad Dan Digiron has been working up a good sweat for this Jawked video, but we all know that pumping those muscles usually makes a man's dick throb, too. His appetite to get off is already at its peak when young and fit Max Gen arrives for a little help with his own workout and you can bet this studly man is more than willing to assist. It starts out innocently enough, with Dan lending a hand while Max does some sit ups, but he's soon lending a hand of a different kind once they've made more contact with dicks swelling in their shorts. A little groping of the big meaty dick in Max's shorts leads to jock dad Dan revealing his own rigid length from his underwear, his stiff erection quickly welcomed into Max's hungry mouth. The big guy might be a dedicated top but he's never going to turn down the chance to suck on a big cock. Max has one of the most generous banana dicks he's ever seen and with a taste of the fat round tip Dan is soon greedily gorging on the awesome length. With their initial hunger for leaking penis satisfied Max wastes no time sliding down on the offered cock, riding Dan's muscle dick with his own incredible shaft swinging and bouncing. A little frotting urges them on for a missionary banging before Max takes a deeper thrusting from behind, a move which quickly takes the studly gym top to the point of no return. The mess of gym jock cum splashing from Dan's cock all over Max's smooth and inked chest is all it takes to have the boy's bigger meat ready for blasting, furiously wanking himself off until his own incredible fountain of spooge erupts from his tip to shower down all over his already jizz-streaked body. With that it's time to hit the showers, but I think we all know they'll have more cum to shoot from their gym-inspired dicks before they're toweling off.