Romancing Riley (Roman and Riley)

Duration: 27:16 Views: 1.6K Submitted: 1 week ago Year: 2022
Description: Riley is used to slinging some big dick around CF, with taking on his cock almost being a rite of passage for his fellow CF studs. What all of us, and Riley, need to be treated to more of is the sight of him bottoming, though! After this experience with Roman, I have no doubt Riley will be more than eager to get fucked as often as any of us want to see him get fucked from this point forward. To say Riley enjoyed this session would be an understatement - he absolutely loved it, and the sensations he was feeling and the experience of finding himself on the receiving end of a hard fuck drove him wild. Since Riley so often tops, we weren't getting the chance to hear the moans, groans, and whimpers coming out of his mouth while a hard dick pummels his hole. We certainly get to hear all those noises now, though! Roman goes out of his way to make sure Riley enjoys every bit of his bottoming experience here, from pounding him deep and hard when he knows Riley wants that, to going slow and intimately when Riley needs some of that, to alternating between affection and aggression. By the end of the action here, not only is Riley drenched in cum but he's clearly hooked on Roman's dick - he's still begging for it even after both studs have shot their loads!