Martin Dorcak & Rosta Benecky RAW 2015

Duration: 24:42 Views: 20K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Rosta Benecky is sleeping as Martin Dorcak sits at a desk writing. As Martin looks over at Rosta he sees a naked ass, as Rosta has moved and uncovered himself. Turning over Rosta is covered again as Martin moves over to him and gently removes the cover to reveal Rosta's huge erection. Rosta continues to sleep as Martin rubs the cock and licks it. Then he takes the cosk in his mouth and sucks it, which soon wakes Rosta. His hand moves to Martin's head as the mouth continues to suck him. He moves up and kisses Rosta grabbing the cock as wanking it at the same time. Returning to suck on the big hard cock has Rosta moaning with pleasure. Rosta reaches to grope Martin in his underwear as his cock continues to feel the hot mouth wrapped around it. Martin is soon naked and poitioned over Rosta so they can 69. They eagerly suck as each others rock hard cocks before moving again. This time Rosta's legs are in the air with his sexy ass exposed. Martin sucks on Rosta's cock some more as he rubs his hairy ass. He slips a finger into Rosta's hot hole as he keeps on sucking. The finger is deep in Rosta's hole as he moans while Martin's mouth keeps on sucking. The Martin removes his finger and kisses and rims the hole. He then fingers the hole some more before Rosta moves onto his knees. He moans even louder as Martin slides his huge cock deep into the sexy ass hole. Martin fucks the hole deep and hard, stretching it wide. Rosta turns over, onto his back and Martin's big cock slips back inside the hole to fuck it some more. Rosta's cock has stayed hard and he grabs wanks on it as his hole gets pounded. Rosta's moaning gets louder and his wanking speeds up until he delivers his cum . Martin keeps fucking that hole until he is ready to cum, then he pulls out and shoots his cum over Rosta's cock and balls. He milks the cum from his cock after a great fuck and then leans over to kiss Rosta. After that they both go to the shower, their big cocks still poking out in front of them, to clean up after a very hot fuck session.
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