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Description: Twenty six year old Edin is a former hockey player from Spokane, Washington who lost several of his teeth playing the sport. This dark haired, almost-Canadian has an engaging, confident way about him. He’s totally at home in front of the camera, saying he’s nervous but acting as cool as can be. Edin’s body is impressive to look at. His chest is huge, with big, rounded pecs and a thick dick that impressively stayed rock hard throughout his two busts. He’s also a gusher, shooting a load of cum up in the air like a geyser in a hot spring. Edin also reveals – surprisingly – that he likes to finger himself while cumming. In between jerkoffs, we see him in the shower doing just that and exposing a rosy-red butt hole. Odds of Returning: We learn nothing of his sexuality. The fingering points us towards gay, but the vibe doesn’t. I’m going with a very tentative 65%. I’m more confident, however, that if he does return, he will do very, very well.
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