Valentino Medici Pounds Dmitry Osten

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Description: Valentino Medici Pounds Dmitry Osten Bareback 2015 Gay Porno HD Online The look on Dmitry Osten’s face is priceless when Valentino Medici steps toward him for the first time. Dmitry knew Valentino was going to be a good-looking guy, but not THAT good looking. I’ve made a bit of a deal recently on the Lucas Blog, as this humble content writer finds both of these guys incredibly attractive for opposite reasons. I wasn’t even aware they were paired together until after receiving the finished product. But what a wise decision it was: along with the scene between Sergeant Miles and Tomas Brand, this is one of my favorites from the Berlin shoot this past June. Why? Because when Valentino grabs ahold of Dmitry, he doesn’t let go until he’s done with his bottom -- and Dmitry loves every second of it. Dmitry has proven himself versatile little stud, but its apparent he has a special enjoyment for surrendering to the muscle-dad that Valentino is. The energy these two share is non-stop: check out 42:05 to see what I’m talking about. It looks like Valentino and Dmitry had such an awesome time, I wouldn’t be surprised if they hooked up in their private lives for some extra sex on the side. With that said, can I have a private viewing?
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