Topher Dimaggio & Danny Montero 2016

Duration: 28:51 Views: 33K Submitted: 8 years ago Year: 2016
Description: When Danny Montero took a trip to California, he decided to set up a date with a CockyBoy he’s always admired — the one and only Topher Dimaggio. While Danny was admittedly nervous, Topher was extremely excited getting to know Danny. A Los Angeles native, Topher wanted to be the ultimate tour guide for Danny and give him the full experience. They set out for Griffith Observatory where they could see the whole city from afar, and then took a little detour into the woods for some making out and a quick blowjob in one of the most well-known cruising spots around. With choppers flying overhead and people all around them, the guys could only take it so far before heading back indoors for some real action. Topher’s apartment had an equally stunning view of the city, and while Danny was outside admiring on the balcony, Topher began jerking his cock back inside as he observed the nice view of Danny’s ass. Once he coaxed Danny back inside, Topher convinced Danny to strip so he could get the first taste of his cock. Getting sucked off alone was enough to make Danny moan and smile with glee, but soon enough, the roles reversed and Danny was on his knees deep-throating Topher’s thick cock! These guys had great chemistry — Topher definitely taking on the role of the aggressor with his slightly larger frame and cock eager to plow Danny’s bubble butt. And Danny was in heaven as he seamlessly took all of Topher’s cock doggy-style at first, arching his back with all fours on Topher’s bean bag chair. Topher was merciless with Danny once Danny fell into his complete submission, taking total control and hammering him like a jackhammer. The guys soon moved to the bed where Danny firmly sat on Topher’s cock and rode him for a bit — the mirror in front of them allowing both Topher and Danny to watch Danny getting nailed. Topher was getting so riled up that he stood and pushed Danny closer to the mirror so he could rail him bent over his own dresser! The heat only escalated from there as Topher flipped Danny around and set him on top of the dresser face up for the grand finale. Now able to go as deep as possible, Topher literally fucked the cum out of Danny within minutes. Topher shot a huge load not long after, their cumulative climax splattered completely on Danny’s torso. This was definitely one hot fuck!
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