Adam Ramzi Fucks Tayte Hanson

Duration: 31:51 Views: 47K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Adam Ramzi & Tayte Hanson just can’t get enough of this beautiful summer weather. They are always outside, exploring the woods (and their bodies), and by the looks of it - having a blast! Actually, two blasts… of cum. But more on that later. As they guys sit on a rock and talk about how much they love connecting with one another outside it’s hard not to notice the twinkle in Adam’s eyes as he looks at Tayte probably thinking “I am about to fuck you so hard you’ll forget everything you’re saying right now”. Tayte of course is being his cute lovable self and unashamedly admits he absolutely loves having his butt hole fingered. A lot! And as we all know already, Adam is the king of fingering! (Did you see what he did to Carter Dane's hole using just his fingers? The boy sang like a canary for 20 mins while Adam was working on his hole! A true must-see!) After hanging around in the woods for a while they can’t hold it back anymore and start making out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but trees and the wind blowing in their hairs. Tayte is the first one to get down on his knees which is probably due to the fact that as soon as his hands got a hold of Adam’s rock hard cock his knees got weak and it just makes sense to give in to the feeling and start sucking. Adam’s big curvy cock seems to fit perfectly into Tayte’s mouth but it fit even more perfectly into his ass for which Adam seemed to be really excited about! So he turns Tayte around and starts to work his finger magic on Tayte’s ass and sure enough Tayte melts down on the ground and all he can say is “God damn, that feels so good!!” as Adam shoves another finger up Tayte’s hole. After a while it only makes sense to replace those fingers with the real thing so Adam puts his cock balls deep inside Tayte’s ass and start plowing away. From then on no tree or rock is safe from these two. They fuck all over the place like two animals that have been just released out of their cages. Wait until you hear Adam groan as he shoots his load! We don’t do animals on our site but these two are the closest it gets to it.
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