Morr Foxx & Naor Tal

Duration: 24:51 Views: 24K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2010
Description: The Naor Tal Collection - Scene 4 - Morr Foxx & Naor Tal 2010 When Michael compliments Baptiste on his “monstrous cock” that is “to die for”, power-bottom Naor Tal's interest is peaked. Soon he is showing us just how true these statements are as he drops to his knees and gags on Baptiste's behemoth bone, swallowing it to the base of his throat. In one of the best oral scenes of the year, Naor opens wide and chokes down the pretty Parisian's power tool with aplomb. Baptiste can't resist powerfucking Naor's angelic face, and then Naor takes over the assault from his end, feasting on the giant schlong with pleasure. Next, Baptiste shoves his lips around Naor's puckering puss, grabbing and squishing his butt cheeks on either side of his face. Soon Baptiste has Naor mounted and furiously fucks him senseless from behind. Naor then perches atop the great tower of flesh and rides it with a skillful bounce. Before he fucks off completely, Naor pushes him onto his back in order to give him dick from above, and plows him until they finally erupt in two streaming geysers of guy syrup.
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