Derek - Solo

Duration: 14:10 Views: 12K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2011
Description: Derek is a 32-year-old martial arts instructor with a whole lot of muscle! Watching him "round house" kick the punching bag, I have to say that I was both scared and impressed at the amount of power and control he exhibited over his body. However, like most martial artists, he is dedicated to the study of perfecting the body's skill and discipline rather than using the training for actual fighting.One thing that surprised me was that he had never worn a jock strap! Maybe martial artists don't need them? But I knew his big, muscular butt would look great in one!"Earlier today I had asked you if you had worn a certain piece of apparel… what was it?" I asked."A jock strap.""…and your answer was?""No.""…and today you are?""I'm wearing a jockstrap," he smiled.Derek was a great sport. The instructor side of him came out a few times as he demonstrated some exercises and martial arts moves, and he was very intense in working his cock. He made the room shake!
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