Carlos Santana & Riu Melo 2012

Duration: 14:17 Views: 9.6K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2012
Description: Black Cum Hunters Scene 2 - Carlos Santana & Riu Melo 2012 Carlos Santana, not that one, and Riu Melo meet up on the street and a little friendly conversation leads to a little friendlier kissing and grabbing. These young guys have abs that will bring tears to your eyes and a couple uncut cocks that will make your gasp. Riu’s hand barely fits all the way around Carlos’ fat dong. His mouth fits, though. He proves that beyond the shadow of a doubt and takes some healthy cock-slaps to the face just to make sure he gets it done right. His mouth is just the warm-up, though, and Carlos won’t be refused. He fucks like a rabbit, punching his cock rapidly into Riu’s ass against the wall and then against a tree. Riu ‘s face looks like he’s in pain but he keeps on taking it until he shoots all over the tree and his new fuckbuddy nuts right in his ass.