Alex Melo & Remingo Ponce 2012

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Description: Black Cum Hunters Scene 4 - Alex Melo & Remingo Ponce 2012 Alex Melo and Remingo Ponce are just another couple of guys hanging out together for a chat in the afternoon. Remingo is hunting for more than good conversation, though, and Alex is just the black guy with the cum he wants. Just like the other hunters in this video, he succeeds in catching just what he wants by taking advantage of his talents. Sweet lips and a tight ass are all it takes to get Alex going. He may not be aware of exactly what it is that Remingo is looking for, but he knows what he wants and Remingo has it in no short supply. He wants ass. Remingo has no problem giving it up and what he gets in return is the black cum that brought him out hunting in the first place.