Kyle Creampies Kellan

Duration: 15:51 Views: 23K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Kellan takes his time licking and kissing Kyle’s body. He grabs pulls off his underwear and massages his cock with his hands and mouth. He works that big dick hard so he can get what he needs. Even when Kyle is ready to suck Kellan’s dick- Kellan’s not done with his! He pushes him down so that they can 69- Kellan doesn’t want to let go of that cock for a second! Kellan is quick to jump on Kyle’s boner, he’s been wanting to get fucked all day and it’s obvious by his face and moans that Kyle’s cock is getting the job done. Kyle’s thrusting intensifies and it looks like Kellan could cum at any second! Kellan gets on all fours and Kyle shoves his dick inside his ass. Kellan screams out “Yes!” and Kyle pounds him. I’m surprised how long Kellan is able to hold off- but not at all at the bucket load of jizz that comes gushing out when he does! Immediately after seeing tha,t Kyle can’t hold his orgasm any longer, but he doesn’t pull out- Kellan’s ass feels too good! He shoots his whole load in Kellan’s hole!
Categories: Bareback Oral Sex