Jay - Solo

Duration: 17:47 Views: 6.8K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2016
Description: With a great face and a muscular and manly body- Jay does not disappoint! His smile will win you over quickly, and his personality matches it to a T! We have a lot of guys and personalities walk in through the door and it’s always refreshing to meet a hot guy that’s also laid back and a complete sweetheart. Plus, he has a cock that won’t quit! It’s hard as a rock and standing in full alert in no time! When you’re not looking at that, there’s also a gorgeously tight ass to ogle. Jay exudes masculinity. He’s got the right amount of body hair that he keeps natural. He may be young, but he’s definitely not a boy. Looking down through those thick eyelashes this tan hunk watches his cock as he strokes out a hot load.
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