Adam & Paul- Airport Security

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Description: Adam Rupert is being held in Airport Security. He is shackled to some bars, shouting to be set free. Paul Fresh arrives and shackles Adam's other arm as well. Then Paul begins a physical inspection. Handling him very roughly he opens Adam's shirt and then his pants. Adam's cock flops out and it is rock hard. Paul grabs hold of that cock and slaps the balls. He also pulls on Adam's pubes. Slapping that cock and pulling on Adam's nipples Paul then starts to lick the dick. His mouth opens and he swallows the cock head whilst pulling hard on Adam's balls. He sucks on that big hard cock and then stands up and opens his own pants releasing his big, thick dick. He slaps it against Adam's pole before turning him around and examining his ass. He spreads the cheeks and threatens the hole with his nightstick, and uses it to pull that cock and balls back. Then Paul moves Adam and force his big dick into his mouth for sucking. Paul really fucks his cock right down Adam's throat and then moves so that he can stretch his hole with that big cock. His dick slips into Adam's hole and he starts to fuck it nice and deep. Then Paul turns Adam over and shoves his dick back into that open hole. He pounds away at that ass and Adam grabs his own cock and wanks it, moaning loudly as he does. He shoots a big load of cum as he is being fucked so deep. As his ass tightens around that cock it send Paul over the edge and he pulls out and dumps his cum all over Adam's face, rubbing his sticky cock all over it. To end his punishment.
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