Alex Stan - HOT ASS 2015

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Description: Alex Stan is such a good looking and very studly guy. We find him kneeling on the bed running his hands over his hot body. He removes his tee shirt to show off his sexy chest, stretching to relax himself. Then, as he feels his chest he slips a hand into his pants to grope himself. He opens the pants, for better access, before laying on the bed. He shucks the pants down, lifting his legs and showing his hot ass, to remove them. With his legs wide apart we get a good look at his ass as he continues to rub his hands over his cock and balls. Then he lifts his legs in the air, as he in joined by a helping hand. Oil is dripped onto Alex's sexy ass and the hands start to rub it all over. The ass cheeks are spread to expose his hot hole, showing it off perfectly. A finger is rubbed over the hole and then slips deep inside. It fucks deep into the hot hole and then a second slides in to stretch the hole wider. The fingers are removed and a vibrator pushes so deep inside the hot ass. It fucks Alex and then comes out to show the open hole. Alex turns over, onto his knees and pushes as ass back. More oil is spread all over the ass and the hands pull the cheeks apart to open the hole. Then a dilod pushes against the ass and slips past the spincter and deep into the ass as Alex moans. It slides all the way in and fucks his hot hole. With the dildo out again the cheeks are pulled apart to open up the hole. Then the hole is filled again by the dildo. It is pushed all the way in and then starts fucking some more. That ass looks so good with the hole opening up nicely. Alex turns over, onto his back, legs up. Another toy invades his open hole , sliding in easily and fucking in and out. That hole stays open wide as the toy is removed. Alex's ass really gets a nice stretching by the toy before he sits up and has his chest massaged as he wanks his cock. He gets his cock so hard and wanks is so fast as he builds up until he shoots his cum, right up onto his left bicep. Alex rubs a thumb over his sticky cock head and then releases it after shooting his load. He then moves to the shower to clean up after a great show of his hot and sexy ass.
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