Knocked Out and Knocked Up - Part 1

Duration: 9:15 Views: 17K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: "Breathtaking." "I saw it, and it was probably the best porn I have ever seen. I cannot think of another that is hotter nor better." "What was the safe word?" Daddy Will Angell and loch shoot a new scene with a brutal edge play session filmed just for you. Will throat fucks his slave, bringing up his throat slime to use as lube, pushing lochs head down again and again. After Will gets bored with that, he puts the slave on his stomach, fucking the hole, positioning the slave for a deep plowing. Disappointed the slave is making too much noise, Daddy Will grabs the slave around its neck, flexing his muscular thick Daddy forearm and bicep, cutting off the slave's circulation he chokes it knocking the slave out cold. Just as the slave awakens, Daddy Will takes him out again - the slave spiraling into unconsciousness for the second time. Daddy Will pulls the slave to the end of the dungeon bed, showing off the hole. First the slave does pull ups squatting down on his Master's cock. Then, on its stomach again, Daddy Will mauls its hole until he busts Daddy load deep into his slave's guts. As he pulls out, so does some of the load as it drops down onto the camera below. This film is rough, real, and not for the timid.
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