Billy Rubens 08.02.2012

Duration: 19:08 Views: 41K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2012
Description: Cocky straight cunt Billy is the son of a Russian oligarch. Raised in a life of wealth and privilege, one thing he has been taught is a healthy respect for authority. Threatened with being cut off from daddy's money this horny young prince will do anything teacher says. He's totally baffled by the strange restraints placed on him which restrict his arms and legs but Billy realizes soon enough that teacher is taking advantage when the pervert gropes him and aggressively fondles his genitals. Teacher belittles and shames the proud hetero making him awkwardly strip while being bound. Verbally expressing his disgust Billy's face is pushed into the man's crotch and he's ordered to lap at the outline of the hard cock is teacher's trousers. His face is twisted in disgust as he inhales the musky aroma of a man's crotch. Bent over his tender arsehole is revealed with his arse cheeks being yanked open. Teacher violently plunges his finger up his hole while Billy pleads for him to stop.
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