Billy Rubens 07.03.2012

Duration: 10:05 Views: 80K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2012
Description: Billy is alarmed and terrified when he's pushed on the floor and feels his arse being filled with water. It's held in place with a butt plug teacher shoves up his arse. Fully naked and kneeling on the gritty school floor he's given a lesson in how to arouse a man by sucking him till he's good and hard. Only when teacher is satisfied is the plug released and Billy is ordered to shoot the water out of his hole. Thoroughly humiliated he lays crumpled on the floor staring up at his tormenter having never felt this lowly in his life. Desperate Billy thinks he can talk his way out of this situation, but his teacher isn't intimidated or willing to show any mercy. Bound on a dirty mattress the privileged boy has no choice but to obey as Derek plants his sweaty manly arse over Billy's trembling lips. Billy is ordered to lick his hole and take a mouthful of stiff dick. Billy's tender arse is given a good lashing. Derek soon grows tired of Billy's protests so gags him. He delivers electric shocks to his arsehole making Derek very excited and hard. Billy's arsehole is broken wide open as Derek viciously fucks him. Not only does Billy feel the sharp pain of a hard cock ramming in his arse, but also Derek's big full balls slapping against his arse cheeks. The pleasure of ruining this sweet young boy overwhelms Derek making him blow his load all over Billy's weeping hot face.
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