Tony Newport Fucks Logan Taylor 2015

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Description: It seems like we've been talking to Tony about paying us a visit. As soon as Tony found out that we were going to pair him up with Logan, it didn't take long for him to show up at the door. I couldn't help but notice that the boys were getting acquainted as we were setting up the equipment. At one point, I looked over and found Logan on his knees sucking on Tony's hard cock. Just a little warm up so that they could be used to each other when the cameras are rolling. They were both naked in a flash with Tony sprawled out diagonally on the bed and Logan's nude body positioned over him with his warm mouth getting Tony's cock nice and wet and ready to give Logan his favorite kind of pleasure. While Logan had Tony pinned down, he wrapped up his cock, got on all fours and gave Tony and open invitation into his man hole. They fucked like we weren't their in every position and covering every inch of the bed. Tony pushed it to far as he was teasing Logan's ass and squirted his thick creamy white load all over Logan's cock. The boys ended the video making out just like they started.
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