Tiko bottoms for Jessy Ares

Duration: 19:06 Views: 8.9K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2013
Description: Jessy arrives at the site and finds Tiko already waiting for him. The job has been on hold for a few hours already . What’s an extra half hour? Jessy walks up to Tiko, pulls him up and they get to business. They explore each other’s mouths and taste each other’s skin until their cocks are rock hard and swinging freely. It’s Tiko that takes the lead and drops on his knees to taste Jessy’s cock and balls, and it’s a nice tasty set. Jessy loves his balls licked but he loves to suck cock too, so he pulls Tiko up and then pushes him back down so he can wrap his lips around the man’s dick. It is only natural for a top like Jessy to slowly move down and eat Tiko’s ass. And he is very good at it because Tiko decides to let Jessy fuck him in the same position. Tiko is not used to the feeling but he lets himself go and enjoys feeling that cock push his ass open. But Jessy has one more itch to scratch and moves to the stepladder presenting his own ass to Tiko. He drops down on his knees again to eat that hole and then stands up to fill it. Jessy gets fucked till his ass is about to drain Tiko’s balls. They both unload on Jessy’s hairy torso.
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