Underground: Felix Chase & Gaston Croupier

Duration: 24:25 Views: 5.6K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2016
Description: In a dimly lit space, only a dark but striking red light, highlights the short journey of Felix Chase, alone, cruising for some arse. Followed by Gaston Croupier, looking for a hot young thing to play with. The tension is palpable, the guys spot each other and everything stops. A little moment to show each other they’re horny, a solo mating display of crotch grabbing and eye contact. Striding up to each other they square up and neck off! Deep tongue filled snogs, exploring hands inspect hard cocks and Gaston is the first to give in to temptation and suck his new friend off. Felix is a seriously big boy, Gaston is fucking delighted! Making every effort to satisfy him and swallow the lot. Favour returned, felix runs his hands over Gaston’s Impressive body, down to his impressive ass! These two boys are going to have a lot of fun, Gatson offers up his ass without even thinking twice about it. Sliding all thick 8+” deep into his fuck hole, taking it like a man and and groaning like hell with pleasure. Building up a steady but incrementing pace, Felix fucks him hard and relentlessly all to Gastons screaming delight! Flipping him over, they stare intensely into each other as the fuck goes on. Hot passion, bursting to blow their loads!