Inside Job 3 (Trenton Ducati & Jessy Ares)

Duration: 16:16 Views: 22K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2013
Description: After a substantial amount of money goes missing from the cash desks, Mr. Conrad conducts a series of interviews to try to locate the missing money. But one staff member in particular isn’t all to pleased about being questioned and much less about being submitted to a body search. But Mr. Landon doesn’t give Jessy much option and firmly asks him to remove his clothes down to his underwear. To his surprise Jessy finds the situation a big turn on and the sexual tension between the men quickly rises, as does the large erection in Jessy’s briefs which is now just inches from his Boss’ face. And what’s a man like Conrad to do other than to let go of his professionalism and suck on Jessy’s thick and tasty piece of meat. And with the ice broken there’s no stopping the two men, and they go at each other ravenously, taking turns to fuck each other
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