Hazed (2005)

Duration: 1:23 Views: 8.6K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2005
Description: When Tristan, Jackson and Marc submit to Pledgemaster Blake’s demands that in order to gain entry into their community, they cannot resist and must comply with all his instructions, little do they know what they’re in for. This is a hazing the three young pledges will never forget, but if this is what they have to do to get into the coolest, sexiest, fraternity of sex-driven stud muffins, then so be it. Blindfolded at first, the three young men willingly obey Blake’s commands and in no time they take to the hazing like ducks to water. There are little acts of humiliation, questionable things to drink, things to swallow, that the eager trio accept ­ crazy antics that keep the frat boys entertained and all hot and bothered. Soon the hazing turns into a sexual free-for-all where everyone takes part for the pure pleasure of it all. There are cocks to suck ­ big, thick, long, uncut, meaty poles of manflesh to taste and sample. There are assholes to sniff and savor ­ deep warm holes to explore and tongue fuck; and then just fuck the daylights out of. Superhunk Matthew Rush makes an appearance to ensure that these pledges know just who’s ass they have to kiss and the action accelerates. Tristan turns out to be the star pledge with his eagerness to show his brothers what a true sexpig he is. And everyone gets a chance to pump their cocks in his hole and shoot their wads in celebration - Blake Harper, Jackson Price, Matthew Rush, Tristan Paris, Matt Majors, Tony Lazzari, Marc Nemeth, Andre Rivera, Ryan Zane, Brett Baxter Clark
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