Just Another Piece of Fuck Meat (Danny)

Duration: 37:20 Views: 28K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Many guys try to hide contraband, but they really aren't very creative about it. That would take some IQ. This reject barely bothered to cover his bottle in his underwear drawer, and I was mighty pleased to find it - the bigger the bottle, the bigger the punishment! The resident in question is stand-off-ish, so I hadn't gotten time to know him very well. I did, however, know one thing: he would definitely be one enjoyable fuck. With those baby blue eyes and nice bod, who wouldn't want a chance to tap into his virgin hole? Unlike guys with more severe issues, the guys with his problem typically haven't had much experience with dick. Their habit isn't too expensive, nor is it difficult to sustain. So I was relatively sure I'd be dealing with the freshest fuck meat. After confronting him and having him rinse off, I shove him onto the bed. When I pull my cock out of my pants, he just stares at it for a minute. He looks like he would rather be anywhere else. Fine by me if he closes his eyes and dreams of la-la land, that's what most of the guys do. When he wraps his lips around my pole, I could tell right away that he not only hadn't had any practice at this before, but that he wasn't that keen on it. People learn to love things in their own time, though, so it didn't bother me much. I had my dick down his throat for a good long while - even had him lie on his back with his head over the bed and face fucked him until he was gasping for air. When I'd had enough of that, I lubed him up and starting working my pole into his ass. Talk about tight! If there had been any lingering doubt in my mind about the state of his hole, it was quickly erased. His sphincter practically cut the circulation off in my finger when I stuck it up his chute. I could tell this was going to take a while, so I doused his hole with a little more lube and began the drill. It did take a while, but eventually I was getting some long smooth strokes. As he was getting fucked, his face belied his complete dislike for the sensation. He let out a lot of whimpers and muffled screams as my dick throbbed inside his straight butt. As much as I like a resident who can take a pounding, I equally enjoy the squirmers. He settled in and stopped squealing as I picked up the pace, and before long I even had him riding my cock like a real bitch. As I grabbed his torso from behind, he was bouncing up and down - with a raging boner even! Since he seemed like he could bust, I let him off my dick and had him jerk off while I watched him. I can only imagine what was going through that foggy mind of his. As soon as he nuts onto himself, I scoop it up and wipe it into his mouth, then I jerk myself off into his wide open gullet so that he has two loads glistening on his tongue. After giving him a final slap, I'm pretty much done with him. He's nothing special, just another piece of fuck meat, and it's really a good thing that he's figured that out sooner rather than later.