Kayden Gray & Alex Silvers 2014

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Description: Alex comes to see father Kayden. Not being a member of father Kayden’s church The priest questions him on his intentions. Alex explains that he knows what they do in this booth to the boys of the neighbourhood. Father Kayden tries to leave. Alex explains that he is not her to blackmail the priest but for penance as the priest spoke to a boy JAMES recently and fucking him in the booth well James is Alex’s boyfriend and Alex was the boy that James told the priest about. The priest took James virginity and Alex wants revenge he wants to fuck the priest or he will tell the world what goes on. Not wanting his precious booth to be exposed father Kayden gives into his demands and lets the boy fuck him till they both blow a thick hot load of cum over each other. Alex Silvers Seeks Gloryhole Confessional Revenge From Father Kayden Gray Father Kayden Gray is at the confessional with someone he doesn’t recognize. Alex Silvers, though cute and adorable, is definitely NOT a member of his congregation! Questioning his intentions, Father Kayden is stunned to hear that the gloryhole confessional booth has gained an underground reputation; a reputation for the innocent sucking cock and getting blown, unsuspecting parishioners having their sins exploited, and virgin buttholes getting deflowered. Since this isn’t something other church leaders would be happy to hear, Father Kayden does what many priests do best: he leaves, turning his back on Alex. But Alex isn’t about to let the man walk away just like that. He confesses to Father Kayden that he wants to do penance and, since the good Father can’t help but assist a soul in need, he remains. Only to find out that the last guy he was with, with none other than James Dixon, Alex’s boyfriend. At first, Alex assures Father Kayden that he doesn’t seek revenge. However, it soon becomes clear that the highly sexed blond actually DOES want revenge. Father Kayden fucked James, taking his virginity, so now Alex wants to fuck Father Kayden or he’ll tell the world what goes on in the confessional booth. Not wanting his precious cover blown, what else can Father Kayden do but give in to Alex’s demands? Like a good sinner, he does his own form of penance, with Alex fucking him deep until they both blow a thick hot load of cum all over each other.
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