Franco & Lorenzo - RAW

Duration: 30:29 Views: 6.6K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Surprise! It's Monday and I have a sex film for you! Several months ago, I posted on YouTube a Q&A video with Franco and Lorenzo, and commenters were saying how it would be many months before it airs. True enough. So I thought I would try to shorten that lead, by releasing it today rather than this summer. These two really got on well! Lorenzo thought it was the most fun video he had done, while Franco rolls with just about anything. Lorenzo tops this entire video. I had not got an 'All Top' video for him, so it was time to show off his Top Game. Franco struggles several times to not cum, so Lorenzo was doing a great job. After I nutted inside of Lorenzo when we filmed together, I have been hearing you want more internal cum shots. So we planned on Franco getting fucked until Lorenzo cums. I always struggle with some of you believing the cum shot, and it always risky as you never know how clean the cum dripping out will be, but this one turned out perfect! So perfect that just as Lorenzo is cumming inside of him, Franco blows a second load. Watch for it!!! Cute little OutTake at the end!
Categories: Oral Sex