Lorenzo & Sky - RAW

Duration: 33:32 Views: 13K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Sky reminds me a lot of Ransom when he first started. A skinny dude that is horny 24-7. He also has no problems labeling himself as Bi, though just before we started shooting this video, I realized he didn't have as much bottoming experience as I had thought. Turns out he had only been fucked a couple times, and only for very brief moments. I asked him if it hurt too much and he had to stop, but he said that wasn't it, it was because the guy would cum super-fast. Ahhh to be young so horny you cum in under 3 minute! So we both grew concerned that he might have bitten-off more than he could chew. Lorenzo is always down to get fucked, and offered to bottom the whole video, but Sky said if he took easy on him, he'd be fine. Turns out he did great! He has that bad boy vibe going, and it's kind of hot to see his legs up in the air while having his ass drilled. His uncut cock liked the anal attention too, and next time we shoot a video, I am going to see if he can cum while being fucked. After having Lorenzo fuck him, he was pretty sure he would be able to cum that way next time out. For this video, Sky easily fucks the cum out of Lorenzo. Lorenzo was close to cumming throughout most of this video, so Sky actually didn't have to work hard to make him cum. Sky jerks his cock and frosts Lorenzo's hole with his jizz. He fucks him with his load, then Lorenzo cleans his cock!