Ayer & Cliff - RAW

Duration: 29:05 Views: 9.7K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Cliff reminded me that I had done a Solo and Serviced video with his boyfriend earlier last year. He said he and Ayer really liked to fuck aggressively, and he loved to take his fat cock. Not sure how long the two have been dating, but it has got to be at least 5-6 months now. If I remember correctly, Cliff said during his solo that he loved to get fucked, but wanted to start by topping a dude. Not sure why. Maybe he wanted to start by showing how versatile he was, and that he was not All Bottom? He may not be a full-time Bottom, but he is indeed a Power Bottom! And wow, Ayer is a definitely a Power Top! Ayer rams him with his thick cock until sweat is dripping off of him. As usual with boyfriend-oriented videos, I pretty much let them do their thing, and only jumped in a couple times to say, "Hey, let me in and let us see what you are doing!" Ayer fucks a load into Cliffs ass, and then keeps fucking until Cliff pops his own nut! Talk about a workout! Ayer not only drenches his hole with his seed, but his whole body is soaking with sweat from pounding Cliff's hole until he cums!
Categories: Bareback Oral Sex