Aiden & Luke in Baton Rouge

Duration: 13:08 Views: 47K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2017
Description: Luke arrives in Baton Rouge and meets tall dark and hairy Aiden who is instantly enamoured with Luke. They embrace on the couch - kissing and feeling up each other's bodies. Aiden's hairy chest feels good rubbing against Luke's freshly tattooed torso. Aiden's cock is hard and Luke devours it with an intense greed - savouring every inch in his mouth. Then he lies back on the couch while Aiden lubes up Luke with his tongue making Luke moan in pure delight. Now Aiden's bare cock slides into Luke's hole - at first gently then with ever increasing fervor he fucks Luke until he can stand it no more and blows a huge load all over Luke's chest.
Categories: Bareback Oral Sex