Ken Griffen and Leaf Hendrickson

Duration: 16:02 Views: 4.1K Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: This exercise in fraternity hazing takes place in an adult toy store run by frat member Leaf Hendrickson. Though why it takes place in this setting is beyond me since no one uses any of the toys to be found there. Well, in the second scene hunky Gino Pizano does use a suction dingy on his tits--with no effect whatsoever--so again, why the toy store? It opens with Ken Griffen selecting an inflatable dildo and taking it into the men’s room. So, here I was all in anticipation to see him shove it up his wazoo and pump that bulb. But all he does is sit on the toilet seat and gently push the dildo up the leg of his shorts--something that was about as erotic as a knee pat from a kindly uncle. Leaf, spying on him, joins him (thank goodness) and gets Ken to suck him. Leaf is the attractive guy with the swimmer’s build on the cover. Fortunately Leaf is not content to just be a recipient and goes to work on Ken’s cock and keester. Even without the dildo being used it’s a pretty good scene. But it’s downhill from here.
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