Coming Out to the Coach

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Description: Coach Sargent is Javier Cruz’s all round high school gym teacher and team sports’ coach. He’s written Javier a note asking to see him, as his young Latino student seems to be struggling with a lack of focus and appears distracted of late. Max Sargent has been teaching for a while and can sense from afar when something is off with one of his students. Once in the coach’s office, Javier is uncomfortable and stonewalls when the coach quizzes him about things at home and at school. But Coach Sargent can see right through Javier’s emotional reserve and insists. He reassures Javier that he can talk to him about anything. When his young pupil admits to having gotten bone hard watching his teammates in the gym shower, the Coach reassures him that its natural, it happens to a lot of young guys and it’s even happened to him. Javier’s coach gets up and reaches over to give him a reassuring hug. Javier seems relieved. Their eyes gaze at each other and Coach Sargent reaches over to kiss his sexy student. As they are passionately locked into an embrace, Javier asks his coach is he’s OK with this, and Sargent once again reassures his rookie athlete. The coach starts stripping his young stud, while sporting a pretty big bulge in his shorts. When he releases Javier’s cock from his shorts and jockstrap, the toned and muscled stud’s boner is reaching for the ceiling. Javier’s teacher is definitely skilled in the art of giving blow jobs as his young charge’s fat Latino boy meat is stretched to its max while getting sucked. Then its Javier’s turn to worship his teacher’s fat dick. He’s definitely got talent as Sargent eggs him on with words of encouragement. Coach Sargent then decides to help his apprentice cock sucker discover the pleasure of getting his ass rimmed. As he’s bent over the coach’s desk, Javier squirms and moans, responding ecstatically to every tongue lashing he’s getting. When his coach starts to pinch his nipples and tongue fuck him, he goes nuts. After having prepped his boy’s ass thoroughly, the coach offers to fuck his virgin prize student’s butt hole. The kid is aching for it and can’t stop begging for more once his studly coach is pounding his tight ass from behind. After sucking his young protege some more, the coach lays Javier on top of his desk on his back and fills his ass again with his thick dick. Javier is pounding his own meat moaning like the little slut boy he is. Coach Sargent is still inside his kid’s ass when the boy shoots a huge load that reaches his face. His teacher then pulls out and gets onto his knees to suck Javier’s cock dry and lick some boy batter from his abs. As he gets back up, he readies to shoot his own load on his star athlete’s cock and balls. Once everything is said and done, they lock lips again. The coach then tells Javier that he wants him to come to his office more regularly. Javier smirks and agrees - Javier Cruz, Max Sargent
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