Debt Dandy - 92 Ninety Two

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Description: Today’s client wanted our meeting to take place in a restaurant close to his home. I was quite sure that he wanted to avoid his parents or his girlfriend to notice his debts. But I was mistaken. He just had a meeting (probably with another loan-company) before. And he had lunch. Lucky boy. But as it got quite cold already we decided to have our little conversation in his apartment. An unfriendly place – almost no furnitures. He obviously just moved in. His debts have been quite low. But still he was desperate. I went straight to the point offering my anti-debt-service for some sexual reward. He took it with humor but refused. Instead he asked for our normal loan conditions. Well, I told him that after all I’ve seen he didn’t look too trustworthy for a normal loan… how would he decide?
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