Debt Dandy - 97 Ninety Seven

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Description: It is always shocking for me to see how these young guys get into debts so early. And usually for almost no reason. The guy I met today was almost about to loose his flat because of small stupid mistakes which summed up to 18 000 CZK. Not actually a high amount. But in his despair he decided to call me. And as he looked quite nice to me I decided to offer him the money for free. But before I could even tell him what I want in return he already rejected the offer stating that he doesn’t accept charity. Well, of course I am not exactly a charity guy. After going more in-depth with my offer he realized what this was all about. He hesitated in the beginning – as most guys do. But when I told him that I will leave he changes his mind. And opened both his mouth and his ass.
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