Chandler Scott - Casting #35

Duration: 28:30 Views: 7.1K Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: Chandler Scott is on the casting couch for an interview to do porn. He explains how he got into porn, which is focused mainly on finances. He also says that he is sexually active and enjoys sex a lot, so he doesn't mind doing porn at all. The casting director flatters Chandler briefly before moving on to the next part of the inquiry. Even though Chandler's answers come across as confident, his body language belies a bit of nerves. He definitely gets more comfortable, though, as his clothing comes off. After snapping some photos, the director asks Chandler to work it up on the couch. As Chandler jacks off, the casting guy mentions that he will be taking off his clothes as well, and asks Chandler if he is comfortable with that. Chandler says "Yes," and watches the director who is still behind the camera. By this point, it doesn't take long for the horny camera-man to have Chandler's lips wrapped around his cock. Chandler is adept at cock-sucking, and the camera-man's boner is standing at full attention! Chandler seems to love sucking dick, and he does an amazing job. As he blows his next meal ticket, he stays hard himself and plays with his own boner. Asked to show off his butt, Chandler gets on his knees on the couch and leans over, revealing a beautiful pink hole. The casting guy begins to finger him, and Chandler begins to let out some moans of pleasure. It's pretty obvious that Chandler likes ass-play. Without missing a beat, the camera guy shoves his cock deep inside our eager performer. With a nice cock sliding in and out of his hole bareback, Chandler complies submissively. The fucking intensifies, and soon Chandler is on his back getting plowed. After several minutes of slam-fucking, Chandler begins to ride the director, who is lying on the floor. He impales himself at a rapid pace as he gets close, and then Chandler shoots a huge load. Chandler rubs his own cum all over the camera-man's cock and jerks him off until he cums as well, right onto his tongue. Hot Bareback POV!