Devon Black - Casting #156

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Description: Devon Black is on the casting couch. He's never done porn before, but he looks like he needs the money. He says he is straight, but that he understands gay porn can get him the cash he needs. "You're looking a little rough, there!" the casting director says. Immediately, the director grills him on his incarceration history. When Devon says he is 25, the casting guy says that he really looks like he is 37! Devon admits to having been fucked in the ass once (in prison), but he did not like the experience. Now Devon is back for some consensual ass fucking, and the director is looking forward to it. He has prepped the couch for Devon's ass by placing some lube and two very large dildos next to him. Devon takes off his clothes and without much ado, he gets Devon to suck on the dildo. As he does, the casting guy asks him to get hard. No matter how hard Devon tries, though, his dick stays as soft as a wet noodle. Even though Devon is already a fail, the director figures he might as well have a little fun. He has Devon bend over the couch and try to shove the toy up his butt. Devon starts with the small one. Since he doesn't know what he is doing, it causes him a bit of consternation, but he manages finally. Despite his humiliating position, Devon needs the cash, and he keeps going. He winds up sucking on one dildo while he is trying to shove the other up his ass. The casting director at this point is having a lot of laughs at Devon's expense. Not wanting to let a casting go to waste, the director finally whips out his cock and has Devon show him what he can do. He asks Devon - while sucking - to say "Look, ma, I'm sucking dick!" Devon complies. Devon says that he has only had dick in his mouth once before, but he seems to know his way around a pole. The director doesn't like the BJ much, however, and asks the newbie to just bend over. Once the director's cock is in Devon's ass, he goes hard. Devon says it hurts, but the director thinks Devon's ass is loose. "How can you even feel it, it's so loose!" the director exclaims. After a brief bareback fuck the casting director drops a load in Devon's mouth and then makes him swallow it. This casting is finished, and Devon will be going back to the trailer park without a booking.