Paul & Kyle - Casting #704

Duration: 40:34 Views: 47K Submitted: 6 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Paul and Kyle are in the back seat of the car, on their way to the studio. These two are dating, and they decided to get into porn after recording themselves having sex a few weeks prior. The director asks if he can see it, and they happily oblige. The video isn't half bad, either! After previewing a little of their sex romp, the director gets serious. He goes on to explain how critical some people can be on the Internet, and that they need to have a thick skin in the biz. As the ride continues, they assure the director that they have what it takes. They certainly do have what it takes, but Paul and Kyle have one problem from a porn director’s perspective. The are both jealous types, and thus they say that they only want to work together. That can only get you so far in the porn industry, the director explains. Meanwhile, he has something in mind to get the two loosened up to sex with other people. As the casting video begins, porn vet Joe comes into the studio and gets introduced to the couple as the official interviewer, and he sits on the couch. Joe asks them to show him what they've got. Paul and Kyle rip off their shirts and start making out. You can definitely tell that they are into each other by the way that they interact. Paul goes down on his boyfriend, and as he does Joe is in the background grabbing his cock. It seems like the director and Joe have more than a twosome in mind, but Paul and Kyle don’t know it yet. For quite a while, the guys are oblivious to him. Kyle gets his ass eaten out, and Paul then undresses to get a blowjob himself. As Joe jerks off, the two still act like they can't see him. However, when Joe asks them to go down on him together, they act like flies drawn to honey. If it was this easy to get them down on a cock, it might not take much to get them on camera without the other. Time will tell. The lovebirds suck off Joe, and then they show off some of their acrobatic skills (they are both cheerleaders). Kyle does a handstand while Paul eats him out. These two have some impressive moves, and Joe watches appreciatively while he strokes his dick. Then the fucking begins. Paul fucks Lyle first, and afterward they flip. The fucking is hot - they both have great athletic bodies. Either of them would definitely be in high demand from the porn watching public! Their toned naked bodies move with passion and grace, and every second is sexier than the last. In the final position, Kyle has Paul in missionary and he fucks the cum out of him. This is definitely real fucking here, not so much acting as pure hardcore fucking. As Paul lies there drenched in his own cum, Kyle continues to pound him. Kyle busts deep inside of Paul and then they keep making out. As the couple action winds down, Joe busts a huge load, having gotten pretty excited by this dynamic duo. Good raw casting!