Cowboys - Part 2

Duration: 30:17 Views: 8.9K Submitted: 3 years ago Year: 2012
Description: Jesse Santana returns to the barn from a long day on the range.Lawson Kane helps him stable his horse, and then they get to making out. These cowboys are restless and they rub each other and kiss to the point of total excitement. Clothes start to fly off and Jesse can't wait to suck on what might be the biggest dick in porn, Lawson's cane. Jesse opens wide and slurps down on the super-humongous cock. Lawson fucks Jesse's mouth and then eats out his perfect ass,preparing him for a reverse cowboy rodeo. Riding the massive cock like it's his trusty steed, Jesse's hole engulfs Lawson's prick. There is something sexy about to cowboys fucking on bales of hay. It's beenhappening for hundreds of years! These cowboys are both exhibitionists. They get off on the fact that you are at home, your hand around your cock, watching them have the best sex of their lives. In a stunning reverse cowboy position, they fuck until they can hardly stand up! Its powerful porn that will leave you exhausted.....exhausted but happy! Jesse's eager hole rides Lawson's stiff pole like a champion bouncing feverishly until he gets on all fours letting Law son go to town with punishing thrusts that Jesse welcomes with passionate groans that lead to a final earth-shaking orgasm shooting onto a saddle that Jesse licks up. Lawson lays back and jerks massive sprays out of his stunning cock - Jesse Santana, Lawson Kane