Tough Love For His Boy

Duration: 19:41 Views: 14K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2017
Description: The dad who sent this in has been chatting with me for a while and he’s everything I love in a daddy: clean-cut, handsome, nice cock, and pervy as hell. He’s shared some amazing stories with me, so I rushed to play this once I got it. In this special video, a young teenager is caught playing around with dangerous tools. His dad is quick to reprimand, but loves to indulge his son’s curious mind. He knows a father is there to do more than just love his son. Part of the job involves guiding and teaching. And good dad knows when his boy is eager to learn. The dad told me that he’s been watching his son grow up, getting more handsome day after day. In this video, that admiration gets the better of him and he takes his son’s hole right there on his workbench. The young boy might not know it now, but he’s lucky to have a dad like that! And boy can he take a pounding!
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