Debt Dandy - 108 One Hundred Eight

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Description: Some people call me a bit arrogant and thats maybe even true. On the other hand I don’t like arrogant people myself. Especially when they have no reason to be arrogant. Today a young lad called me because he expected to get a loan from me. I could see from the very beginning that his apartment was probably more expensive than he could afford. He had a beautiful blond girlfriend and an annoying cat. His debts summed up to about 40 000 CZK. Probably even more but he didn’t dare to ask for a higher loan. I thought quite a long time if he was worth such a high amount. But then I offered him the money and he… he rejected. Unbelievable. But maybe thats why I was even more determined to get him on his knees and suck my dick.
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