Debt Dandy - 132 One Hundred Thirty Two

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Description: I don’t consider myself to be a money lender. To be honest, I despise loan-sharks. They are scum who destroy people’s lives. The boy who asked me for help was a prime example. He tried to solve his situation by borrowing money from such a shady character. This cute aspiring guitar player borrowed 3 000 Crowns. When the debt was due, he was supposed to pay 9 000 or loose a tooth or two. He also owed 14 000 for his car. Fortunately, his girlfriend, unaware of all this, was somewhere else so I could try my best to safe the boy. He wasn’t very impressed by my special offer. Sitting on his comfy couch in his nice little apartment, he eventually realized how much he could loose. And I did my good deed for the week. It didn’t even hurt. Well, at least not me.
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