Debt Dandy - 135 One Hundred Thirty Five

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Description: Looking at myself, I sometimes think about adopting a better life style. But I hate eating vegetables and all that crap. It’s so boring! Maybe it’s all about being inventive and open-minded, I don’t know. This boy was not only a vegetarian but a vegan! On the telephone he sounded almost too easy. Usual stuff, he lost his job and wasn’t able to pay back his consumer loans for TV etc. From the first moment, I thought he was gay so his refusal came as a surprise. When I looked into his fridge, I realized what was wrong. He was not gay, he was a vegan sissy :-) I guess, vegans are only forbidden to eat meat by their mouth. He was really unlucky that I found all those cucumbers in the fridge. This kind of salad I can have every day.
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