David Garret & Chris Ralf

Duration: 27:56 Views: 11K Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: Medical fantasies have been a part of gay porn since – well, pretty much since gay porn was invented! A fact that director, Vlado Iresch, makes the very most of in this terrific doctor-patient set-piece featuring David Garret and Chris Ralf. Of course, there’s no denying the somewhat twee scenario that introduces the action – Ralf the unfortunate victim of an accident in the woods, Garret the medic who rescues him. But by the time the two fellows are safely ensconced in Garret’s medical room any suggestion of chocolate-box sentimentality is quickly forgotten. Indeed, chances are you’ll be just like the first generation of wankers who saw this performance in early 2008 and will be reaching for the zipper early on – just as Dr Garret does, in fact, as he tugs Ralf’s trousers out of the way so that he can give the patient’s intimate areas the once-over. Just how this kind of examination relates to a suspected broken leg was as much a mystery back then as it remains today; but there’s certainly no complaints from Ralf, who is clearly more than just a little enamoured of the ensuing anal examination given the manner with which he then proceeds to suck his rescuer’s cock. Fellatio is but the introduction to a much more hardcore session of sodomy, however; with Garret ultimately clambering up onto the recovery-table so that he can thrust his hard, uncut shaft into Ralf’s tight but very hungry arse-hole. It’s a move that signals the start of a fabulous romp between these two buddies; culminating in Ralf spewing forth mid-fuck, before taking Garret’s creamy load over his tongue!