A cum shock for the electrician apprentice

Duration: 18:47 Views: 10K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2016
Description: Camille Kenzo tries retraining as an electrician & it's Alexis Tivoli who’s responsible for overseeing his internship. Of course, Camille combines work with his nonsense and Alexis gets mad to the point of firing him. We don’t know if his job really counts for Camille or if he’s just looking for an excuse to enjoy the huge manhood of Alexis, but our teenage apprentice is ready to do anything to keep his job. Anyway, Alexis understands the message and invites Camille to suck him. The blonde boy gobbles Alexis‘s cock and applies to be forgiven by licking and sucking it excitedly. Alexis then grabs Camille, turns him and strips him to eat his bottom before smashing him firmly, leaning against a ladder. Camille takes with delight those dicks shots and moans noisily. This passionate smashing ends on the bench, Camille laying on his back gets drilled again until he squirts his juice on his body, just before taking a hefty load of jizz on his face by Alexis - Camille Kenzo, Alexis Tivoli
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