Buggery Pre-Release Vegas Trash-Hole

Duration: 12:31 Views: 123K Submitted: 5 years ago Year: 2015
Description: Buggery Pre-Release Vegas Trash-Hole (Dayton O’Connor & Devan Bryant) 2015 Gay Porno HD Online NeedGayPorn.com We're ambling down the Strip in Vegas, me and DAYTON O'CONNOR, when a fucked-up and obviously bone-hungry man-slut sidles up to DAYTON and tells him that he's on a sperm-collecting expedition. He recognizes DAYTON, I’m guessing. The manslut can’t stop rubbing his crotch and ass right there in public, his pupils huge, his talking a little too loud, a lot too desperate. DAYTON knows who the guy is and is up for fucking him, adding to the bottom-whore’s ongoing gut-hoard of sperm. We get to the room and the guy strips down lickety-split, dives onto the bed and writhes his hungry ass around. DAYTON climbs on and bingo! the guy’s mouth is saying what his butt-hole wants, all “Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!” over and over, ecstatic and whore-happy. DAYTON works that famous boner of his deep ’n’ dominant, with all the skill of Horowitz tickling Mozart on a fucking Steinway. And the bottom-whore moans, groans, cries and screams out “fuck yeah!” so much you stop hearing it after a while. I tell DAYTON to shut the guy up, so DAYTON kisses him and slides his tongue in far enough to get a taste of yesterday’s lunch. Some very nice deep tongue ’n’ bung fucking, right up to DAYTON’s load-pumping jizz-squooshing bone-jarring man-climax. Afterward, the deed all done deep ’n’ dirty, the whore pulls his pants on and stumbles out of the room, off in search of more loads for his dripping hole. DAYTON later joked about how the fuck-whore was carrying enough babies in his gut to repopulate the planet. Gotta love Vegas. If you’re a DAYTON O’CONNOR fan like I am, you’ll wanna watch this one.
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