Dolf Dietrich & Saul Leinad 2017

Duration: 21:25 Views: 36K Submitted: 4 years ago Year: 2017
Description: Bearded hunk Dolf Dietrich and monster hung Saul Leinad start by telling us exactly what it is they like when it comes to sex. We then cut to the interracial couple, making out while still dressed. Dolf wastes little time in dropping to his knees to unleash the big brown uncut monster hiding in Saul’s pants. They get into some dirty talk as Dolf services Saul and tries to take the thick meaty slab. But Saul is just too big…for Dolf’s mouth! The two strip down and Saul preps Dolf for the main event. But even as he tries to bury that fucker home, Dolf wants more lube. It’s just, as Dolf says, “so damn big!” It takes a couple of attempts but Saul eventually slides every single inch of that monster cock home. It’s a sight to behold as Dolf takes all that meat then gets plowed by Saul, who bareback fucks the handsome bottom the way he likes to be taken. Dolf ends up riding Saul’s bearded face before seeding himself while rides Saul’s cock, having just spilled a fresh load of raw jizz.