Straight Bitch First Time Fucked

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Description: Sometimes, guys at the House will turn their attention to getting in better shape. This is definitely something we applaud, but we also keep our eyes out for signs that a guy is juicing up. They don't seem to connect the dots between one substance and another, and usage tends to reinforce this attitude that a chemical can make everything in their lives better. This guy, unfortunately, didn't get the message, so I thought I'd deliver it to him personally. This straight guy is exactly the kind of guy I like to turn into a complete bitch, and I was eager to plow into virgin territory, too. With half of his brain cells already dulled by a few years of bad decisions, I figured that it would be easy peasy - and I was correct. After explaining to him the issue at hand, I whipped out my dick and told him to get on it. He hesitated briefly, but like most sheep, he did what he was told. He actually sucks cock very well, and I'm looking forward to some end of shift blowjobs in the future. What interested me the most, though, was his hole. I didn't just want to fuck him though, I wanted him to walk out of that room feeling like he had been utterly bitched-out. I shoved my fingers in his mouth, grabbed his ass and crotch like he was a cheap whore, and I didn't go lightly on him. His hole was tight enough, but I know that these gym rats have a high pain tolerance. I didn't bother going too slowly at first. And I made sure to spit on his face and in his mouth, and make him go down ass-to-mouth like a proper piece of meat. His cunt felt great, like straight boy holes usually do. I had him loosened up in no time, and I kept pounding him as he grunted and groaned. He definitely got the dicking down that was coming to him. When I was finished I dropped a big loud in his mouth for good measure. Let's see if this one learns to shape up.