Anthony is back!

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Description: It has been almost a year since I made my last videowith "cubanito " Anthony, but we have always been in touch, but since the end of his relationship with his girlfriend he wanted to participate in another video, I think it's true the rumors that he liked much my blowjob, well, that's what they say, don't believe me lolbut this time I asked the condition that he has to pound me harder as not quite the first time he did it, and I don't know what happened, but he got very hard all the time! that was great! This time I wanted to explore more of beefcake Anthony and I know he has his fans that will like all the stuff that I did to him, besides I took the liberty of sending a greeting to a few Hunters through him, I hope you dont mind :), he mention this was his fourth video and apparently he is seeking for a fifth. what do you say Hunters? His cock was super-hard, he fucked me a lot, I ride him and the best of all was the endless cumshot he delivered!. I did not expect it, that was fantastic! I hope you enjoy this video! Anthony is back!
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