Blowing a seriously beautiful straight BBC

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Description: Blowing a seriously beautiful straight BBC, Beefcake Steven reminds me of Chico or Michael S, a little shy and nervous about wondering in BeefCake Hunter’s Land, I was already nervous when I saw him for the first time at the hotel room- so handsome, so tall, so virile but perceiving that he was a little nervous too didn‘t help me at all… Besides that, I found it difficult controlling my strong inner desire to jump between his legs and service that massive cock that I saw in the picture he sent me. On top of that, the pussy porn movie that I promised him, didn’t work, so no external help to get this hunk in the mood… Fortunately things started well… I noticed that, after massaging his cock a little while he got into the zone, when I pulled down his pants that cock was hard already. I didn’t spend much time on his balls, I knew I had to move quickly to his cock, everything was going well until something happened and I started losing him… I took a minute break to recharge my mouths power and I was back with the technique that helped me other times: my mouth open to the fullest and started slowly on the cock’s tip and then went faster … hmm yeah, it did work!
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